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Infinte Coaching

Reserved exclusively for dynamic individuals who are playing a really big game, have already attained a level of mastery within that game, and are ready to step into the infinite with Oren, to tap into and manifest their next level of expression, potential, and fulfilment Find Out More

Oren is an international speaker who’s presence is felt by audiences all over the world. He speaks entirely from the flow, a place of love, pure authenticity, and deep inspiration. The information he transmits is cutting-edge and expansive, and his full embodiment of what he teaches puts him in a class all by himself. Find Out More

Boundless Body

Tapping into the unlimited potential of the human body.

The human body is capable of extraordinary things. Boundless Body brings together leading edge training and resources designed to unlock your body’s full potential enabling you to perform at the highest level possible and enjoy vibrant health. Find Out More

Boundless Business

The quickest and easiest way to high performance business success is not by doing more, but by becoming more. Your business only grows as quickly as you do. Accept this one principle and never again will external conditions drive you, your business or your results.  To become a leading edge business force Click Here



Why Personal Development doesn’t work

In this video I share the number one reason why personal and spiritual development doesn’t work or only works short term. I will share the number one key to getting off of the personal development roller-coaster and create long term sustainable change.

Are You Having Enough Fun?

Joy is one of our most primal and natural states of being and fun is one of the flavors of joy…one of the ways we express joy. Most everything we do in life somehow connects back to fun which is why fun (or play) is also one of the hidden secrets to success in life when we incorporate more of it. No matter what we are focused on whether it’s working, running errands, or trying to save the world at the end of the day eventually we circle right back around to our natural impulse towards joy and fun. Fun is the eventual end game to many of our pursuits in life so we may as well incorporate more of it NOW! Putting off fun with the belief that we can’t afford to have it not only delays something we really want but keeps us from experiencing the magical power that fun has in helping us manifest our goals, dreams, and desires. Being able to have sufficient fun is a sign of abundance! We are in a state of abundance when we can “afford” to have fun. If we believe that we can’t “afford” to have fun we are in a state of lack. So I leave you with this simple question : Are you having enough fun? If so or if not, check out this short video I made for you for some inspiration and tips on how to up your fun game:) Cheers Oren...

Who Is Oren Harris?

“The paradox of trying to describe Oren is that he speaks from a place that is beyond words. His gift to the people he works with is to introduce them to a space that is beyond traditional thinking. A place that I would assert is in fact their true nature. To live from that space brings a shift in perception and with it an effortless flow of life which is ultimately what everyone is looking for!”

Peter Crone
Lifestyle Guru, Mind Architect, A-List Consultant

Free Tips from the Flow and Exclusive Content

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The Flow is the platform through which Oren accesses the infinite, and is how he  is able to meet his clients wherever they are in a way that is most resonant with their soul.
Everyone has access to flow, as it is our natural state of being. Few, however, have  firmly rooted themselves in flow by making a full reconnection with who they  truly are.
Oren is one of those rare individuals who has made such a reconnection, and  from his Knowingness, he can and does teach others how to access more flow in  their lives by masterfully guiding them back to the realization of who they truly  are.

Flow Mastery is Oren’s next level training on Flow Mastery and is your Free gift to help you take your life into the limitless so you can experience Heaven on Earth.

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