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Safety in Vulnerabilty

As with most deep truths this can seem paradoxical. There is an almost Unfathomable sense of safety and invincibility that arises in your being when you are absolutely vulnerable ..totally open with no defense. It’s at this point where it may appear to your mind that you are the most unsafe, but actually you are in the safest place. Having the experience of this indestructible place in your being is profound . All defense and protection comes from fear and separation. In this level of surrender you withdraw your energy from all of your unconscious fears. Don’t be afraid of your shadows. They cannot continue to exist in the presence of the light of your being …in the presence of love . Total vulnerability to the mind can seem like death..and in a way it is. When you have laid down all your weapons ..when you give up fighting your demons ..when you say give me your best , and just love them, then the fight ends. You realize your indestructible nature and that nothing ultimately has power over you because nothing is separate from you . No one can take away your true source of power. To me this is what Jesus was aware of when he said if you tear down the temple I will just rebuild it. Even having his physical temple taken away he resurrected. He did not put his power in the temple or in his physical form…he knew the true source. So I started this post about “true safety” but I am also saying that this realization of safety also opens you... read more

Fire of Love

Love is a great fire Truth is a great fire It burns It destroys This is it’s healing power. You need not fear because it only destroys that which is not real, essential, and core to your being. It destroys illusions. This is why it heals because the only thing that makes us physically, mentally, or emotionally ill, is some form of illusion that is rooted in fear and separation. This is why truth sets us free and love heals. It heals our mis-perceptions. The ultimate mis-perception is that we are separate from God and each other. The other grand mis-perception is that we are not worthy of love. If you are undergoing a transformation that feels like you are being destroyed, if you are committed to truth/love then rest assured, you will resurrect the from the ashes born anew. Keep going. All is well. You are loved and you are LOVE. P.s. The phrase in the picture is from Rupi Kaur. This article is my interpretation   There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin... read more

Who Is Oren Harris?

“The paradox of trying to describe Oren is that he speaks from a place that is beyond words. His gift to the people he works with is to introduce them to a space that is beyond traditional thinking. A place that I would assert is in fact their true nature. To live from that space brings a shift in perception and with it an effortless flow of life which is ultimately what everyone is looking for!”

Peter Crone
Lifestyle Guru, Mind Architect, A-List Consultant

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The Flow is the platform through which Oren accesses the infinite, and is how he  is able to meet his clients wherever they are in a way that is most resonant with their soul.
Everyone has access to flow, as it is our natural state of being. Few, however, have  firmly rooted themselves in flow by making a full reconnection with who they  truly are.
Oren is one of those rare individuals who has made such a reconnection, and  from his Knowingness, he can and does teach others how to access more flow in  their lives by masterfully guiding them back to the realization of who they truly  are.

Flow Mastery is Oren’s next level training on Flow Mastery and is your Free gift to help you take your life into the limitless so you can experience Heaven on Earth.

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