Dear Tribe,

It’s been a while since you have heard from me about what is going in in my world, so I figured I would reach out to connect with you and share some of my recent adventures, expansion, explorations, and inspirations. In the last few months I have been on an expansive and exciting journey to 3 different countries…Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It was really amazing to explore entirely different cultures … see the world through different eyes… and yet at the same time feel the same oneness and connection in the hearts of people.

O Bali

While a good chunk of my time and focus on my travels was transforming lives and being a divine messenger, I also had a fair amount of my own personal leading edge expansion. I feel like I died and resurrected many times and the result has been a deepening of love, an even deeper appreciation of life, an amplification of my gifts and influence, a refining and simplifying of my message, and an embodiment of oneness. Although I have been a bit quiet in my recent expansion I have soooo much to share from my latest revelations ! One general way my journey could be summed up over the last several years is going from mundane to magic, to miracles to revelation to embodiment.

I will briefly expand on some of the things I feel can happen between the phases and give some little hints on how to evolve through them.

From mundane to magical

One has begun to realize that he/she are not their mind or body…the heart begins opening and internal feelings start to gain more value than the physical world. We realize that Our state of being is the primary quality of our “experience” of reality. This realization along with living more from the heart is what starts to shift us from mundane into the magical.

With more life flowing through us , the moments that might otherwise seem ordinary and mundane start to come alive and reveal to us a sense of magic that was always there in potential . We naturally find ourselves present and in the flow more often… in the right place at the right time, effortlessly dancing with life . We also become very familiar with how we can change our minds and our reality shifts accordingly. This seemingly “Magical” way of living is very empowering to and starts to reveal to us that we re not separate from creation…that we are active participants.


Ocliff 5


From Magic to Miracles

As our sense of self definition/ego continues to become more flexible and we deepen into our hearts the ” magic” becomes more normal in our lives. Somewhere in the process “Miracles” start to occur taking us deeper into the mystery of life. I say miracles just to say things that are even further beyond our minds capacity to understand…things that seem impossible..totally unexplainable! Things beyond our visualization, setting intentions, or any other concept that made us feel like magical creators. Just as “magic” was once rare and we sought to experience more of it now “miracles” go form being rare occurrences to becoming more normal. As this is happening we may have the same realization about miracles that we did about magic…that we are not separate from them. If our sense of “self” still rooted in our our ego/minds a bit then it will probably make the most sense to say that miracles come from god, which is accurate and still a degree of separation on our journey to remembering.

From Miracles to revelation

We realize that we are not separate from miracles which means we are not separate from god. This realization puts us in a state of abundance around miracles which naturally has our mind/ego strive less to experience them. Of course the irony of that non attachment to miracles only has them occurring even more often. It just happens! This state of consciousness is not “Attainable” by any effort to attain it because it is US! ..The main purpose of the miracles may just be to Reveal to us that we are not separate from anything. We are not separate from our desires….We are not separate from GOD!! We are GOD in expression.

From Revelation to Embodiment:

I will write about this one in another post! Sorry to leave ya hanging:)


The loose interpretation of the journey I described above is not any type of formula or guide to follow. It is simply an observation ….an introspection that may spark something inside you and remind you of your divinity. I will also add that the journey I described is not linear, static, or final . You may experience bouncing from one phase to another at any given time.

I appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you for being a part of our tribe and a part of my journey. I have much to share and I am open to any suggestions of how you feel I can serve you more.

In my One one one coaching I am inspired to work with those who are ready to wake up to their divinity…embody their true authentic self …realize their true potential… fearlessly share their gifts , and live their life as a masterpiece that has a profound impact on the world.

If that speaks to YOU and you want to explore that further with me then please contact me by emailing

With love



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