A powerful, magical, heart expanding flow story.

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For some time now I have been consistently experiencing magical experiences in the flow.   While I am still grateful and love them it’s  kinda  become my new normal.

So of all of the thousands of flow stories I could share with you, I thought I would share one  that  was a bit beyond the norm for me …. one that not only was super magical but  also  touched my  heart profoundly.

One day I was sitting in a coffee shop with a great friend masterminding about a new tv show  we  were developing. We were in our own  private corner of the coffee shop having one  of our  usual  timeless, mind bending , super creative interactions .

We were discussing the word truth and our perspective of what truth was versus what our  audiences definition of truth was.  The tv show was called truth doctors. He was dr. black and  I was dr. white. More than just a cheesy play on words because he is white and I am black, the  white black was the combination of dark and light…yin and Yang.

Anyways…. At some point in our conversation I mentioned conversations I have had with  highly sensitive beings who had something deep inside them that they felt unable to express in words. Then I said it’s kind of like someone who has autism.

That didn’t make much sense for me to say that considering I knew almost nothing about Autism nor had I been around anyone “autistic”.

(Quick disclaimer: I am not a fan of putting labels on people nor do I believe them to be accurate, but for the sake of the story I will continue to use the word to accurately recount the events that took place.)

Back to the story:

After I mentioned the word autism me and my buddy almost simultaneously had the thought that we should have an “autistic” kid help us with our show and be a part of it.

I said out loud , yes that is a great idea … And then I had that oh so familiar feeling of something clicking into place inside me…It’s like the feeling of something manifesting  before it even shows up in my physical world.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle!  We continued on with our conversation for about 45 seconds and then suddenly seemingly out of the ethers…as if dropped from heaven…A kid walks up  sits down in a chair right next to us in our private corner . He sits in silence … looking away from us with the back of his head facing us.

While chills ran through my body I stared at my friend with a look on my face like is this really happening right now? I am also ultra sensitive and could feel the vibration of the kid and I was certain that it was a manifestation of what I felt click inside me when I said “we should have an autistic kid on our show”.

My friend and I started talking again briefly while the kid seemingly stared off into space. Then I turned towards the kid feeling him deeply before I could even say anything my energy reached out and touched his in what I describe as light language communication. The instant that happened he turned around  and stared at me with pure infinite space radiating through his crystal blue eyes . Neither one of us blinked and it felt as though we exchanged lifetimes of conversation in a matter of seconds.

After that timeless few seconds in silence he slowly began to speak with a bit of a slightly choppy monotone voice and said  “ Is.. that.. an.. iphone?”.  I said yes it is, do you like iphones? He said yes then I asked him his name and he said Jonathon.

I introduced my friend and me and then told Jonathon we were working on a tv show.  Then I spontaneously asked him “What is truth?”. In a very innocent, matter of fact tone he simply just said, “I don’t know”! In the instant silence after his answer I thought to myself wow that is Truth speaking to me right now. How cool. He didn’t “know” it but he was embodying truth!

Then he suddenly turns his head away from us again and goes into his own space. This time he was even more keenly aware of the telepathic communication that was going on between us . He was the first being I had encountered that was super consciously aware of our exchange. There was no distortion between us…..we were one.

After another couple of minutes of talking to my buddy I engaged Jonathon with my energy and again he immediately turns around and looks at me. He had been in our conversation even though it looked like he wasn’t.

He then said to me and my partner in the same slow choppy voice……”You know you just have to BE yourself, if you don’t then nothing works.”

The clarity, truth, and profoundness of his words were refreshing and much simpler than my buddy and I’s extrapolations.

I am going to do my best to explain what happened next. Right after he said you just have to be yourself I asked him a simple question that revealed to me what I intuitively knew all along about people labeled autistic.

I asked him what seemed to be a very clear, harmless question “Do you think that most people are themselves?” His answer to me was simple and penetrating…he said “I can’t answer that.”

That is when the revelation hit me and I confirmed my intuitive theory about why certain beings don’t talk much or can’t seem to connect well with others.

You see…my harmless question was actually a projection. It was a bit of a leading question that already had an opinion in it.  And it was a question of evaluating other people which holds a form of comparison.

Not that there is anything abnormal or inherently wrong with that but I realized that the vibrational frequency that he is in makes it difficult to communicate with people who are constantly saying things that are not completely in alignment with how they truly feel. This type of separation is normal for human beings  but difficult for some highly sensitive beings to sift through and process.

Up until that point in the conversation I was crystal clear with him, which is probably the main reason why he could even talk to me. It was so nice to meet another being who was crystal clear and even more so than myself.

People who think that beings like this have less evolved communication skills would be humbled and have their minds blown if they only realized that is the exact opposite…the communication ability is light years ahead of most. I feel fortunate to be able to be able to directly experience that.

The next part of the story could seem like the least “magical” part of the story but it was the most impactful and moving for me !

Jonathon says to me…”We should hang out again”….I say yes of course and then I ask him if he is on facebook so we can be in touch.

He tells me that he is on facebook and as I am opening up facebook on my mac he says to me “I can give you my log in information…I Trust you!”.

I tell him that’s not necessary I let him log in…he finds me and sends me a friend request. I log in and accept the request and open his page and noticed his friends list and my Heart sank!!!!

I was his only friend! Wow! I looked at him and the look on his face was like finally someone who can see me!! I was moved beyond words and knew both of our lives had just been touched deeply. I had a new friend!

Shortly after that he looks at me and says I want to help you with your tv show. Unlike a typical teen who would be excited about being on tv he said it like a wise mature genius who was offering his help. What a trip!

I told him I would love his help and that he had already helped us in ways he may not know.

In a state of love and appreciation for the miracle he is I looked at him and said “Thank you”.

In his pure innocence with no sense of boundaries he gets about 3 inches from my face….eye to eye and instead of saying your welcome  he says to me …”You did this…I wasn’t even going to talk to you…You did this”.

In that moment he was reminding me of what I already knew…reminding me that we are always connected …He was saying Oren you summoned me and I came!

And that is my story of being touched by an angel named Jonathon.




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