How many times have you been shopping and found something you would love to buy but thought to yourself, “That’s too expensive”?  How did it make you feel?

It probably made you feel crappy because it is something you really wanted and couldn’t afford.

Labelling something “expensive” is dis-empowering and doesn’t lead you to getting what you want.

So what is the real point in saying it? Can something actually be too expensive anyway? Who really gets to determine that?

There is a much more empowering way to look at the situation that can actually lead you to what you really want.

The first question to ask yourself if money were no object, is would you gladly pay for the item in appreciation for the value it is adding to you?

If the answer to the question is a resounding yes then the universe is giving you an opportunity to shift from the language of limitation that says it’s “too expensive” to a more empowering statement that leads you to what you want.

A simple but game changing shift you can make is to replace the word “Expensive” with “EXPANSIVE!”  

This is a much more empowering, abundant, and true point of view to take.

If the item costs more than you can afford then saying it is “EXPANSIVE” instead of “expensive” is a powerful reframe that acknowledges your true power and points you inward to who you would have to EXPAND to be in order to be able to easily afford it.

This simple shift in language can instantly get you out of victim mode and have you feeling empowered and capable to do what needs to be done to be the person who can afford it.

If we want to have more things in our life then we have to expand our consciousness to include those things.

When we expand our being then we naturally think and act like the person who already has the things we want.

Abundance is our natural state of being.

How awesome would it be to BE so abundant that if we really LOVE  to buy something we could just buy it and be in true appreciation for the person who created it , sincerely desiring to pay the person whatever they would LOVE to receive in exchange and also giving  to  ourselves in a way that reflects our true self worth.

So I challenge you….. the next time you find your self saying “wow that is expensive”,  take a pause and admit that it is just EXPANSIVE  for you and then take on the challenge to grow and become the expanded version of you that easily affords it.

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