Joy is one of our most primal and natural states of being and fun is one of the flavors of joy…one of the ways we express joy.

Most everything we do in life somehow connects back to fun which is why fun (or play) is also one of the hidden secrets to success in life when we incorporate more of it.

No matter what we are focused on whether it’s working, running errands, or trying to save the world at the end of the day eventually we circle right back around to our natural impulse towards joy and fun.

Fun is the eventual end game to many of our pursuits in life so we may as well incorporate more of it NOW!

Putting off fun with the belief that we can’t afford to have it not only delays something we really want but keeps us from experiencing the magical power that fun has in helping us manifest our goals, dreams, and desires.

Being able to have sufficient fun is a sign of abundance! We are in a state of abundance when we can “afford” to have fun. If we believe that we can’t “afford” to have fun we are in a state of lack.

So I leave you with this simple question : Are you having enough fun?

If so or if not, check out this short video I made for you for some inspiration and tips on how to up your fun game:)