It is quite obvious that the planet and human beings are under going an awakening. Regardless of what you call it I think most people can feel it.

As we are evolving spiritually we are also changing mentally and physically.

As I ate my first meal of the day at 5:30 p.m. I began contemplating the Evolutionary function of things like food, sleep, and time.

This is a common occurrence for me to eat twice and sometimes once a day and on many days I don’t feel hungry until 4 or 5pm.

What interests me in this observation is  seeing what is actually influencing my need or lack of need for food. It’s inspiration. Inspiration is a natural energy source. I find that when I am inspired I am hungry less often and I have plenty of energy.

What I intuitively discovered about sleep is that one of it’s primary functions is rest, restoration, and rejuvenation. One of the primary things that affects how much sleep (restoration and rejuvenation) we need is how much stress we are running during the day.

When we are in the present moment in a non resistant state not fighting our authentic self  (stress free) then we don’t need as much rest, relief, and rejuvenation.

Sleep gives us a break from resistance. Resistance is not “natural”’s just normal. Resistance is a part of spiritual growth so naturally as we grow we have less resistance and therefore stress our bodies less and need less recovery time.

In our deepest state of sleep our brain waves are in delta (Below dream sleep). Our identity (mind/self) is totally quiet and we re- emerge with our spirit fully. This level of sleep has amazing benefits for restoration..regeneration… receiving intuitive information from our higher self and  connecting to the collective consciousness (Oneness).

I never shared this publicly but I had an EEG done to measure my brainwaves and discovered that I was able to easily be in Delta while awake. Which  made sense why I don’t “Have to” sleep much even though I enjoy it.

After my EEG was done and the testers were in shock at what happened I went home and googled “Delta while awake”  and discovered that it is a rare phenomena that occurs in babies and monks who have been meditating 20 plus years.

Anyway that supported my theory about human evolution.

So food and sleep , while they may serve a biological function  are also a part of our spiritual evolution….and as we continue to awaken  we will naturally need them less.

The End of time:

I feel the same way about time. Time is a highly useful and functional mechanism in our world . That being said I feel like time is also a means to an end and as we continue to evolve we wont have the same need for time to focus our energy , collaborate, co-create, commune with each other and function in the world.

This possibility can be easily seen in the phenomena of waking up just before your alarm clock goes off. On the spiritual plane YOU KNOW when to get up. In a timeless world where we are the evolved version of human beings we would function just fine without time.

We would simply just be in the right place at the right time and everyone meant to be with us would be as well.

It may sounds far fetched or science fiction like but it is real and happening NOW. Because we may not of yet have faith in it, it would seem risky to try to function with out time.

The dimension of time is more of a psychological construct.

The illusion (Fear) is that if we didn’t have time and trusted the moment that we would miss out on important things and stuff wouldn’t get done..chaos and disorder would happen.

I totally understand that fear as I have gotten “Lost” in the moment before but it is simply not the TRUTH.

Rather than grasp back onto time I dove even deeper into the realm of the timeless with faith that I will know what I need to know when I need to know it. While I still use schedules and clocks I have also discovered that when I don’t I somehow “Magically” show up on time and know when it is time to move.

We are capable of functioning without time….we are just evolving into that capability.

Time is a psychological construct that exists in the realm of mind . Time and mind are almost synonymous. The reliance on time is the same as reliance on mind.

As we awaken I believe we come to rely more primarily on spirit and intuition as our base operating system and let mind be a secondary servant that supports our intentions.

I am sharing this purely as a possibility and because I think it is interesting. Follow your own path. For me as I continue to expand I have noticed the ability to function at a high level with less food, sleep and need for time.

Timeless love


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