Love is a great fire

Truth is a great fire

It burns

It destroys

This is it’s healing power.

You need not fear because it only destroys that which is not real, essential, and core to your being.

It destroys illusions.

This is why it heals because the only thing that makes us physically, mentally, or emotionally ill, is some form of illusion that is rooted in fear and separation.

This is why truth sets us free and love heals. It heals our mis-perceptions.

The ultimate mis-perception is that we are separate from God and each other.

The other grand mis-perception is that we are not worthy of love.

If you are undergoing a transformation that feels like you are being destroyed,

if you are committed to truth/love then rest assured, you will resurrect the from the ashes born anew.

Keep going.

All is well.

You are loved and you are LOVE.

P.s. The phrase in the picture is from Rupi Kaur. This article is my interpretation