What is the true capacity of the human body?

This is a compelling question that I have been pondering and exploring for the last several years.

I have discovered that our bodies are capable of far more than we know or have proven.

There was a movie a couple for years ago called “Lucy” about a girl who unlocked more of her brains capacity and was able to do miraculous things as a result.

Among her superpowers was the ability to change anything about her body at will.  There is a scene where she goes undercover and she changes her hair color and length along with her eye color.

The scenes depicted in this and other movies like this (i.e the movie “Limitless”) would suggest that our bodies are capable of miraculous feats.

Before you say, Oren those are just movies I am not writing this article based on things I have seen in movies. My intent is to give a perspective based on personal experience, science, and a splash of intuitive insight into possibility.

I have experienced and intuited certain things that I later discovered have actually been scientifically proven. I want to share one fascinating thing I discovered.

But first my point of view:

From my point of view the mind controls the body and consciousness controls the mind.

This means that the realm of what is possible in our physical experience is being affected by our minds and our consciousness…both of which can be altered.

For that reason we cannot accurately assess what is possible because consciousness is infinite and we are consciousness.

So lemme drop some science:

There is a relatively new field of research called “Epigenetics” which has basically proven that we are not automatically subject to a particular genetic destiny.

In a manner of speaking we can change our genetics.

One of the factors influencing genetics is environment.  One of the environments I discovered that can easily be changed is ways of being.

If a person has a genetic pre-disposition to a certain disease, the thing that may activate the disease could actually be a particular attitude/way of being that is passed down through the family tree.

It may actually be that particular way of being (for example non-confrontational or emotionally repressed) that triggers the gene and activates the disease.

Everything is energy.  Since a way of being is just energy,  it is possible to shift your way of being  and alter your genetic destiny.

Ok…This might blow your mind:

Your personality (point of view) creates your personal reality.

Your personality is a collection of experiences, beliefs, assumptions, conditioning, traits, attitudes, and opinions that are held together by attention and emotion.

When our personality structure is super solid it becomes our identity. We come to think that it is just who we are (even though it is not).

I have done experiential research into how certain personality traits are conducive to certain illness and disease.

Based on this perspective you could essentially say that when someone has a “Miraculous” healing they have shifted to another personality that has a different way of being and set of dynamics that don’t create that particular disease.

One of the things common in spontaneous remissions from diseases is that the person came to a realization or decision that fundamentally shifted their way of being (aka attitude, judgments, etc.)

They essentially shifted their personality and became someone different. This is a huge clue to what is possible.

One of the things I primarily teach is  “Spiritual awakening” . This  is is largely about waking up beyond our personality/identity and realizing our formless essence as pure consciousness.

The more I came to realize my true nature the more unexplainable abilities and phenomenon would happen with my body.

Years ago someone asked me about multiple personality disorder. I shared with them that my intuitive theory is that multiple personality disorder is created through traumatic events that happened to a being .

The being compartmentalizes their consciousness in order to protect themselves and it fractures their personality into multiple compartments.

Because the new personality gets created from fear and self-preservation, the being has to go unconscious and loses awareness and control of themselves causing disorder.

We are all infinite beings that naturally have multiple personalities. We may only explore a small range of them but that is usually being influenced by our conditioning and level of freedom or fear.

Each personality is a different configuration and will therefore have a slightly different or radically different body.

The day came where I heard mind blowing scientific research that backed up some of my intuitive suspicion about what is possible in the body if we could shift our personality.

I heard about documented cases of people with multiple personality disorder where one personality would have a disease or condition and they would shift to another personality and it would instantly disappear.

Or one personality would have green eyes and the person shifted personalities and the other personality would have brown eyes.

I was super excited to hear about this because it made perfect sense to me already.

It really gives profound insight into what is possible in the human body.

Obviously we wouldn’t want to have to have multiple personality disorder to access these profound abilities. The great news is we don’t have to.

We just need to learn how to shift into a different state of consciousness beyond our identity and our body will follow along and manifest in accordance with our new state of consciousness….our new personality.

This is very doable!

As we continue to awaken and operate less and less on rigid personality structures that are laden with fear and judgment we will come to live more from the formless essence of our spirit and use our personality structure more consciously to serve our true intent in the moment rather than it being on auto pilot.

One of my favorite quote from the bible is “If thine eye be single, the body shall be full of light”

To me, the single eye is the undivided eye of spirit…of love. The more we live in love the more our body becomes infused with the infinite light of our spirit.



*Here is the link to the article on multiple personality disorder and changing bodies: http://www.nytimes.com/1988/06/28/science/probing-the-enigma-of-multiple-personality.html?pagewanted=all