Let go of your past. You are not your past. Imagine for a moment having no past….no “memory” of who you were and only a “knowing” of who you really are.

When you let go of your past you are born new in the present with fresh energy and perceiving the world from your true self . You don’t have to worry about losing anything when you let go because whatever is essential and true will be present.

One of the scariest phases of letting go of the past can be being in the “empty” infinite space without a familiar “self” to relate to. This is actually one of the most liberating and empowering place you could be.

From the clean slate of the present moment you can consciously choose who you want to be…you can create yourself . We are always creating ourselves anyway.

The thing is that the “self” who you know yourself to be may be largely created unconsciously and influenced by other people’s  perspectives that aren’t true to your authentic self. Let go of your past..forgive it if you need to, love it for how it served you and then let it go and let yourself be born again.