Anytime we are perceiving things as this OR that we are often in lack and looking through our limited mind .

When you expand your mind or go beyond the mind you can see “this AND that”.

A basic example of this is the lack perspective of automatically choosing this or that as an option and not considering BOTH. You really can have it all.

A deeper example of this is perceiving a polarity or conflict between things like surrender and will. These two states of being when perceived through the limited mind can seem to oppose one another. Other examples of states of being/modes of operation that may seem to only be “this or that” are: Masculine or feminine, intuition or intellect, business or spiritual, free flow or structure. It is perfectly fine and functional to experience these separately …one or the other.

What I am suggesting is releasing the internal division/conflict you may have that has you perceive that it is this or that. Instead of this “part” of me and that “part” of me….or my business “side” spiritual “side”…my sexual “side” ..etc. become a more integrated being…become your Limitless self . The more you unify your internal state of consciousness the more You will come to see that these states can even operate simultaneously. Some powerful examples:
1.Being able to be progressively moving towards your goals and using the power of your will while simultaneously being in a state of complete surrender and detached from the outcome . Most people are in one mode of operation OR the other. Here is another scenario: when at work…perhaps without even knowing it you turn off your feminine , spiritual, and sexual “sides”. I’m not saying you should be meditating, talking about your feelings, or having sex at work. lol . What you can do however is not turn these energies off and instead bring ALL of you in your full majesty and power to work! LOVE unifies, integrates and un-compartmentalizes your consciousness to reveal your Limitless self. I am running another group Limitless coaching program. There are only couple spots left so inquire soon for details!