Awakened Athlete 4

As a high performance athlete, you intimately understand the importance and leverage of “the zone”. When you’re in the zone, it’s like you’re in another dimension, accessing a level of ability that makes possible a truly transcendent performance.

What would it mean for your game if you were able to access the zone 25% more often than what’s typical for you at this moment in time? How about 50% more often?

This is what Oren’s “Awakened Athlete training” is all about. Helping you access more of the zone so you can tap into that transcendent place where your absolute best performance is consistently available to you.

Utilizing his experiential understanding of the zone, meditation, neuroscience, and mind hacking,  along with his world-class facilitation ability, Oren will work with you to get to a level of self mastery where you can tap into your body’s infinite potential and access the zone consistently.


When you are in the zone:


  1. You are fully present
  2. You have supreme confidence
  3. Time slows down
  4. You are intensely focused and absolutely relaxed at the same time
  5. Your mind is clear
  6. You body feels light and relaxed
  7. Your sixth sense is heightened
  8. You are in a peak performance state of consciousness


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