Business Alchemy Mastermind

This is your invite to join me for a powerful event that’s designed to take your business and your fulfillment within it to new heights! I call this event “The Business Alchemy Mastermind”, and it’s happening at my studio in Venice (Los Angeles) this Sunday, April 29th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm PST.

For this session, seating is limited to 8 people and I expect it to fill up fast, so reserve your seat now by clicking the button below.


Putting Your Self Back Together

All too often people separate themSelves from their businesses. They compartmentalize their lives, and as a result, only a limited amount of their power and energy is flowing through them at any given time.

Can you guess what this does to their businesses?

It limits them!

You ARE your business. And if you’re fragmenting your Self, your business will be fragmented as well.

If you want to increase your bottom line, serve more people in an even bigger way, have your business be an authentic expression of the infinite being that you are, and attain more fulfillment than ever before while running it, then you have to pull yourself back together and lift the limitations you’ve placed on yourself!

The Business Alchemy Mastermind will help you accomplish exactly that. And afterward, instead of operating at 30% capacity in your business, you’ll be operating much closer to 100%.

Can you imagine how much different your business will look when you’re flowing that much more energy through it?


Discovering Your Business Energy Blueprint

No amount of creative marketing is going to make a difference in your business if it’s out of “vibrational alignment” with its Energy Blueprint.

In fact, no amount of effort on your part is going to make the least bit of difference.

Every business has an Energy Blueprint. It’s the place where your soul’s energy blueprint and the creative vision you aim to express through your business merge and become one fluid expression.

The reason why so many people struggle in business is because there is some degree of vibrational misalignment, somewhere, in their businesses.

In the mastermind, you’ll get clear on your Business Energy Blueprint, and you’ll bring every aspect of your business into alignment with it. Your management, your team, your marketing, your sales, and your creations.

And with this alignment, you’ll experience more effortless success in your business than ever before.

Creating From Higher Mind

The thing I enjoy doing most with business owners is taking them on a journey with me into Super-consciousness, outside of time, and looking at the many potentials that exist on the near and far horizons for their business.

Then we collapse them.

Something you might perceive to be one year in the future can be collapsed into one day and manifested almost instantly when creating from Higher Mind. I’ve seen it happen many times.

One of the individuals I journeyed with into this space manifested a client relationship with her favorite celebrity one day after our experience together!

Another one of the individuals I journeyed with manifested an opportunity with a legendary music producer (exactly what she was looking for) within a few days of our experience together!