Energy Sensitive Beings

Energy Sensitive Beings™ (ESBs) have a different operating system and therefore possess a different success blueprint in the areas of relationship, business, communication and transformation.

Oren Harris facilitates a process by which ESBs can discover the immense gifts associated with their sensitivity, and show them how to effectively, powerfully, joyfully, and abundantly operate in the world as Fully Functional Energy Sensitive Beings.

Energy Sensitive Being – A Short List of Characteristics

Abilities: (this is the short list because the abilities are infinite)
Highly intuitive, easily reads people, natural healer, teacher, can connect with anyone, mirroring, accelerated learning, activates others abilities, draws out peoples passion

Signs: You have diverse social circles, your different social circles have varying perceptions of you, you don’t think much about the past, you pick up new things quickly if you’re interested in them, When you are gone you don’t look back, people feel your presence strongly, you sometimes feel invisible.

Traits: Diverse, multi-talented, accelerated learner, Jack of all trades, gets along with everyone / isolates self, talks alot / doesn’t talk much, multiple interests, adventurous, loving, highly intelligent.

Challenges/Frustrations: Picking up other peoples’ “negative” energy, energy moving faster than the physical, sudden mood swings, difficulty communicating at times

Biggest questions: WHO AM I?, What do I really want?, What is my life purpose?

With our assistance, you will:

  • Better understand your high sensitivity and your unique “operating system” as an ESB; with this understanding, you will have more acceptance toward yourself, and will start living a life more in alignment with who you really are
  • Learn how to tune into and stay rooted in your “core frequency”, aka your energetic truth, at all times so you can be totally comfortable expressing your authentic self
  • Feel more powerful in your interpersonal relationships by being able to maintain your “core frequency” while interacting with other peoples’ energy fields
  • Learn how to “clear” your energy field of any undesirable frequencies, so you can experience a more enjoyable reality overall
  • Gain the ability to discern between the energy you are generating and the energy you are picking up from others; this way, you don’t have to unconsciously accept responsibility for and absorb the undesirable frequencies of others
  • Establish yourself as an “energy generator” so you no longer have to plug into other peoples’ energy flows to “fill up” your energetic tank; this is also known as a state of independence

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Energy Mastery and Beyond

For those ESBs who are looking to take their mastery over their unique abilities and energy flow to the next level (and beyond), we have a track in place that elevates ESBs from a position of “Fully Functional Energy Sensitive Being” all the way up to a position of “Energy Alchemist”. Below are additional details on each of the way points on this track.

Energy Master – A Short List of Characteristics

  • You are a “light ambassador” who has the ability and desire to effortlessly extend beyond yourself and inspire others to step into the next level of their potential
  • Able to eloquently and precisely communicate with powerful ESBs and non-ESBs alike (e.g. bosses, people in positions of influence, famous people, decision makers) without compromising your integrity to your “core frequency”
  • Able to deliberately and masterfully apply your “energy absorption” gift so you can “download” new skills at rapid speed
  • Able to assess your own and others’ energy flow with precision; with this ability you will know when it’s time to change gears throughout the day to maximize your energy allocation, and will be able to help others accomplish the same
  • Able to translate the raw energy you are feeling into formed expression (e.g. clearly articulating your needs and feelings through language) so you can be better understood and related to by both ESBs and non-ESBs alike
  • Able to identify where streams of energy originate from so you can address the root cause of those energy streams in the most effective way possible (helps with unraveling reactive patterns)

Energy Wizard – A Short List of Characteristics

  • Ability to “direct the flow”
  • Ability to neutralize energy in any situation
  • Ability to see the connection points and overall oneness of multiple realities
  • Awareness of the level of consciousness at which you are receiving different frequencies and vibrations
  • Able to see how things unfold before they even happen, and possess the wisdom and patience to allow reality to unfold optimally (instead of rushing the creation process)
  • Able to see raw potential energy in others, and able to consciously reflect it back to them in a formed state so that they can step into progressively higher levels of power embodiment (aka, drawing a bridge from you to you)
  • Able to easily deflect other peoples’ projections (energy aikido)
  • Able to seamlessly translate your energetic reality to both powerful ESBs and non-ESBs alike (e.g. getting influential people excited about your vision, garnering their support easily, partnering with them on big vision projects even though you don’t have as much exposure as they do)

Energy Alchemist – A Short List of Characteristics

  • Creator of the flow, and you effortlessly create your own reality
  • Aware of another’s awareness, and can fully be in another’s reality
  • Able to discern what level of a person’s consciousness you are interacting with, and capable of drawing a bridge between where they currently are and the level you truly desire to connect with them on; with this ability you are able to manifest the highest potential in all of your relationships
  • Conscious time travel
  • Operate consciously and stably in simultaneous time (multiple realities all at once)