Experience The Next Evolution in Coaching

A whole new spectrum of possibility has opened up that can significantly expand your mastery as a coach!

These exciting new potentials emerging in the field of coaching are accessible to you right NOW.

As we continue to evolve we are beginning to see the emergence more and more “Super coaches” …coaches that seem to be tapping into a level of effortless power unlike anything we have previously experienced.

The results that these coaches are able to achieve with their clients are nothing short of “Miraculous”.

This new coaching zone I call “The Miracle Zone”…. It is where you the coach become a conduit through which miracles occur with your clients.

Here’s the deal though….Many coaches who are experiencing this new zone are not able to Teach other coaches how to consistently tap into that zone…They “Know” with out “Knowing”.

My name is Oren Harris and I am a “Miracle Coach” but I am also a Teacher. I have spent the last several years extracting the key principles that have allowed me to consistently operate in “The Miracle Zone”.

I am happy to be sharing all of my knowledge in my brand new Miracle Coaching Pilot program that will be launching soon.

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I made a powerful new video for you! :

In the video below I talk about one of the most powerful coaches who ever lived ..a man who was constantly in the Miracle Zone and shared his secret in 6 powerful words.