The Flow Immersion Experience

This is your invite to join me for a group “Flow Immersion Experience” that will take place on the following dates:

  • Friday, July 27th from 7pm-9pm (introduction/setting intentions)
  • Saturday, July 28th from 12pm-8pm (immersed in the flow)
  • Sunday, July 29th from 12pm-8pm (immersed in the flow & wrap-up)

The group “Flow Immersion Experience” is totally awesome because whenever multiple individuals meet up with the intention to fully immerse in the flow unexpected and magical things always happen! If you’re feeling inspiration around joining me on this journey, don’t let your rational mind talk you out of investing in this experience for yourself! If you’re really feeling it, I promise it will be life-changing and amazing for you!


Manifesting Your Intentions

When you show up for The Flow Immersion Experience, the first thing each person is going to do is set powerful intentions for what they want to experience/move through/expand into through the immersion experience.

Every time I’ve journeyed with someone in this unique space, their inspired intentions (conscious and unconscious) manifested and they got everything they were wanting and more by the time we were done.

For example, when I was journeying with Rahul and we were filming footage for the video clip above, our video guy Gary said, “It would be cool to see someone famous while I’m here!”. He said this right when we picked him up from the airport, and right after he said it I looked over at Rahul and said, with a smile on my face and only so he could hear, “He’s going to manifest a celebrity, and he’ll probably be sitting right next to us when he does.”

The next day we were all sitting at Lemonade (a restaurant in Santa Monica, for those of you who aren’t familiar). All of a sudden Gary shoots us both an excited and secretive look and quietly says, “You see that guy behind us… he was the lead actor in the movie 21, and he was in a bunch of other movies as well. He’s really big time in the UK!” Gary forgot he even set an intention to manifest a celebrity, but lo and behold, just like I said, he manifested one!

Life-Changing Transformation

The thing I love most about The Flow Immersion Experience is watching people have experiences that give their minds indisputable evidence that something more is going on down here than meets the eye.

A lot of people talk about the flow, spirituality, synchronicity, and oneness, but few people have had enough concrete experiences that completely take the mind out of the equation so they can start living in an almost constant state of flow.

That is what I love to watch happen. When someone experiences something that there is absolutely no logical explanation for is the moment they can really start experiencing a life of unlimited possibility.

And that’s what The Flow Immersion Experience is all about! Taking you on a journey where you can have experiences of such magnitude and wonder that they completely neutralize your mind, and you can really start living in a state of total faith and surrender, allowing the flow into your life.


Experiencing Oneness

Ultimately, The Flow Immersion Experience is about experiencing the Oneness of life within the illusion of separation. There’s nothing more exciting, magical, and amazing than operating in this state of being!

In fact, my original inspiration around this experience was a simple statement I liked to make from time to time to people I crossed paths with… “Walk with me.” I was wanting to give people an inside look at a day in the life of O , and when they started walking with me, I realized just how different my life was than the norm because they were all freaking out!

They kept commenting on how amazing, graceful, and magical my life was and they all said they wanted to experience more of it! And that was when The Flow Immersion Experience was born.

This is your opportunity to walk with me and see what it’s like to live in a reality where instant manifestation is commonplace, synchronicities happen by the second, and everything you need and want (and beyond) is provided for you in magical fashion.

Every person’s experience is different based on the intentions they set/what they are most needing at that moment in their life, but no matter what, I know this will be a life changing and awe inspiring experience for you! And I’ve made it available at an affordable price, so there’s no reason to pass on this opportunity if you are feeling inspired to join me!

Reserve your seat through the button below, and we’ll set up your immersion experience within the next few hours! I’m excited to journey with you!!

Much love,