Your Subscription Has Been Confirmed!

I’m excited to have you as a part of my exclusive “journey” tribe!

We’ll be meeting every other Wednesday at 8pm CST. You will receive an email from me shortly with details about the next journey.

Be sure to look out for my emails, because within them you will find the information you need to join our private journeys, hosted through GoToWebinar.

There are a couple of quick things I’d like to tell you about before I let you go…

Before showing up for a journey with me, set an intention for what you would most like to receive out of that journey. Intention is a powerful tool, and you’ll find that by doing this you will consistently get much more out of our time together!

Also, have some questions prepared before you show up for a journey. Burning questions that you really want answered at that particular moment in your life. You never know, my intention for that session might be to do some coaching, and you might just get called upon, so be prepared!

I look forward to interacting with you at the next journey!

From the Flow,
Oren Harris
Founder of The Flow Academy