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Something special inevitably happens whenever you’re in the presence of a master.

You download his (or her) belief systems, pick up on his powerful vibrations of conviction, Knowingness, and effortless confidence, and as a result, you step into a more powerful, expanded version of yourself.

In Oren’s “Conversations With Masters” audio series, you get the unique opportunity to be in the presence of such masters and get an inside look at their perspectives, thought processes, and secrets to excellence in the various areas of life.

Each of the audio tracks listed below is in an intimate dialogue between Oren and an individual he considers to be a master in his or her respective area of expertise. The most exciting element of these conversations is that they all start off at a very high level. From there, they then expand even further into the infinite.

Oren has the extraordinary ability to expand any individual he crosses paths with. Because of this, the masters Oren engages in conversation are almost always amazed by how much he is able to draw out of them, frequently stretching them into new levels of excellence and mastery that previously only existed in potential. At the end of the conversation, the masters walk away more powerful than ever before, and with something they are super excited to share with their audience.

This is your opportunity to experience Oren in one of his highest flows, fully activated and super inspired by the master he’s conversating with and the infinite potential that exists with that individual.

If you’re ready to vault to a new level of mastery in your life, then you simply have to listen in on these conversations. Pick and choose from the tracks listed below based on what is most resonant with you, and prepare to dive into a world of infinite possibility…

Get in on the Conversation

Functional Paradox

In this edition of “Conversations with Masters”, Oren pairs up with Quinn Eaker for an hour and a half to discuss the concept of a “functional paradox”. The zone in which a being is able to simultaneously receive two opposing vibrations of energy by standing comfortably in the center point that exists between them. This is where an individual is at the height of his power, because it is where the infinite merges with the finite, creating “heaven on earth”.

Sample Audio of “Functional Paradox”

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