Energy Sensitive Being Audio Experience™ Program

In this cutting-edge, energetically engineered audio program, you will join Oren as he takes you on a journey into the depths of your operating system as an Energy Sensitive Being.

Throughout the program, you will experience many life-changing shifts that will take place at the blink of an eye, and will pick up many invaluable ESB tools that will help you more efficiently manage your energy flow. All of this will take place as you effortlessly download the massive quantities of information being transmitted to you through each energetically engineered audio track!

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Oren offers a variety of services. Watch the videos below to find out more!

1-on-1 Coaching

A flow coach has mastered a number of life changing process’s but most importantly has the ability to be fully present with you and empower you to access your own clarity, guidance and inspiration.

The intention in a flow session is expansion , empowerment, and bringing more flow into every area of your life. You may choose to focus on a specific area, but whatever the most dominant energy is that will create the biggest shift is what usually shows up.

Sessions available with a Flow master coach or Oren based on his availability.

*Sessions are 60-90 min
*Audio recording of sessions available

Group Coaching

Next level sports and body training! Leading  edge Training that enables athletes to enter “The Zone” at will.

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The Flow Immersion Experience

In Business Alchemy Oren is focusing primarily on your business blueprint and the creation/alignment of your new expression. The main difference between this option and flow coaching is that the focus is primarily on your “business” and as we bring it into a clear form of expression we transition into implementation and execution.

Phase 1: Business/passion energy blueprint (started on today) and creation of your expression / playing field
Phase 2: Aligning energy in marketing, branding, copyrighting, team building, strategizing, game planning, etc.

*Our primary role is to align the energy of the marketing, copyrighting, etc. so that it resonates with a clear, powerful, and aligned attractor signal.  (We will sometimes participate in the actual writing, marketing, and branding, but that is not our primary function!) We align energy to maximize results!!

Phase 3: Intuitive business consulting: Aligning energy and consulting in Decision making, negotiation, presentations, sales, etc. (As intuitive consultants We can also access probable outcomes based on present alignment…some call this psychic lol)

Time investment: Six sessions – 4 with Oren , 2 with his creative team

*Sessions are 1-2 hours
*Audio recordings available
*Resources and connections shared

Energy Sensitive Beings

Energy sensitive beings have a different operating system and therefore a different success blueprint in the areas of relationship, business, communication and transformation. These services are specifically designed for Energy Sensitive Beings (ESB’S). We engage in a process of discovering the immense gift of sensitivity and how to effectively, powerfully, joyfully, and abundantly operate in the world as a highly sensitive being.

Oren will help you in:

  • Better understanding your high sensitivity
  • Living  your passion
  • Finding your natural flow
  • Communicating your desires effectively
  • Receiving the gift in your emotions
  • Distinguishing between yours and others energies
  • How to consciously shift your state of being at will
  • Being a master at creating your desired reality

ESB Activation Session

This session is designed to ACTIVATE the full remembrance of your primary operating system and unlock your gifts!


ESB Coaching/Consulting:

Designed to assist you in living an empowered, fulfilling life and connect you back to your natural flow where your internal guidance is clear, you have certainty, and you are equipped to manifest your dreams while moving gracefully through life’s challenges.


ESB Harmony Sessions:

This session is designed for parents or partners of ESB’s or ESB”S desiring for better harmony with their parents or partners. Areas of focus include: Mediation, co-creating, translating, and communication.


Oren is one of the most natural, diverse, and talented speakers in the world today! He doesn’t just speak; his words ignite, activate, and awaken your innate spiritual connection and authentic power. He has a way of taking universal truths that can be difficult for the mind to understand and communicating them in a way that is profoundly simply and applicable to life. Even more profound than the words he speaks, is the space that he holds that allows individuals to have an experience that goes beyond understanding and belief into KNOWING.

Oren hasn’t prepared for a speech in years, he simply relaxes into the FLOW and allows spirit to move through him!

Insightful, awakening, igniting, thought provoking, humorous and crystal clear.

Oren’s speaking usually serves the purpose of introducing new possibilities, expanding awareness and activating spiritual memory. It is less important (for Oren) the content/topic. That being said, Below are some topics not limited by any potential topics or things your team is interested in me speaking on.

Oren’s fee schedule is based on a few criteria, but in general $10,000 and up. Sometimes Oren gets compensated in other ways. Oren is open to the win/win potential and creative compensation!

Some topics Oren has spoken on in the past include:

  • Living In The Flow
  • Effortless living
  • Inner Freedom
  • Organic transformation
  • Unlimited abundance
  • Enlightened Business
  • Living in the NOW
  • Accelerated learning
  • Light Language
  • Unlocking your genius


Oren’s workshops are usually extensions of his speaking/presentations. They are very experiential…hands on. Getting past the intellect and understanding into direct experience and knowing. The space itself is transformational in nature! Again Oren’s fees are flexible.

Examples: (all speaking engagements are available as workshops..full or half day)

  • Unlocking Your “Business Energy Blue Print”
  • Master creator series
  • The total Freedom Experience
  • Flow Mastery
  • Sports Alchemy
  • Goddess Experience
  • Business Alchemist Training

All Access FLOW Pass

Includes a minimum number of flow sessions per month along with in the flow vip access…on the fly calls….in the moment questions….emails…middle of night. Project emergencies….etc. Also includes all services (coaching,training,advising, alchemy, etc).

(Based on Oren’s availability). Monthly or yearly rates available.

Flow Immersion Retreat

(Private or small group format)

This is an intense and magical 2-3 day life altering experience designed to take you deeply into the flow.

  • Completely re-invent yourself and integrate your next level of experience
  • Move into full transparency and truth
  • Unlock new potentials inside you
  • Step fearlessly into the unknown
  • Reclaim all of your power and access new levels of influence
  • Experience true unconditional love and total freedom

Goddess Experience

Visit for more details.