Oren’s business model is not your typical business model.

Since his brand is all about Infinite Beingness, Oren offers a wide range of services to accommodate a wide range of individuals at different  price points.

Oren exclusively works with individuals who are passionate and highly committed to their expansion, diving deeper into their infinite potential, and playing full out in the world in exciting, powerful, and aligned ways.

Once that criteria is met, Oren has quite a few leading-edge services  through which he’s inspired to engage individuals from all walks of life.

Below is a growing list of those services, with detailed descriptions of each, so you can feel out exactly where you can best plug in.


Infinite Coaching


This is one of Oren’s premium offerings. Reserved exclusively for committed  individuals who are playing a big game,  and are ready and inspired to step into the infinite with Oren to  manifest their next level.

Through his Infinite Coaching program, Oren works with 10 individuals  for 3 – 12 months  and brings everything he has to the table to help them get to just beyond where they believe is possible over one year of time.

Oren’s  Coaching programs range from  $6,000 to $75,000, depending on your vision and the depth of work.

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VIP day- A half day or full day Immersion session

Experience a radical shift in your life or business in a powerful one day immersion session.

I bring  all of my skills (Coaching, consulting, strategizing, etc) , and resources to the table to partner with you an exciting goal in one day

I will hold a space of possibility that will draw the absolute best out of you and also share game changing intuitive insights that powerfully impact your life.  Think 10X. Think accomplishing in one day what might otherwise take months.

The experience will be   transformational, focused, fun, and deeply fulfilling.

If this is something that resonates and you are primed for rapid transformation then email info@orenharris.com to schedule a 20 min call to see if It is a good fit and set us up for the most powerful, productive session possible.



The Flow Immersion Experience

The Flow Immersion Experience is Oren’s most intimate invite into his world. In this dynamic experience, you’ll “walk with Oren” as he brings you into his world and guides you to a new level of understanding of the flow… a deep, direct, experiential understanding.

Deep transformation laced with magic is the flavor of The Flow Immersion Experience. You’ll set your intentions at the beginning of the weekend, and then watch how those intentions manifest over the course of the weekend in charming, miraculous, mind blowing ways. All the while, Oren will be there right by your side, breaking down the experience in a way you can understand and take with you beyond your weekend together.

With this direct experience of what it feels like to be in a “super flow”, you’ll forever have a reference point (your own North Star) that will let you know whether or not you’re in your optimal state of being and how you can deliberately tap into it. You’ll also come to truly understand just how much Life says “Yes” to everything you desire.

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