What will it be like to have Oren Harris on your stage?

No different than if you were to interact with him 1 on 1.

This is the element that makes Oren utterly unique in the world of speaking; his presence is consistent, and regardless of the size of his audience, he doesn’t perceive or create a separation between himself and his listeners.

This is the main reason why his audiences, time and time again, leave his presentations feeling centered, expanded, and like they’ve truly connected with another human being.

Oren speaks from a place of love, pure authenticity, and deep inspiration. The information he transmits is cutting-edge and expansive, and his full embodiment of what he teaches puts him in a class all by himself.

If you’re ready to “light up” your next event with a world-class speaker who always brings his 100%, will deeply connect with your audience, and delivers invaluable information, facilitation, and transformation, then Oren’s your guy.

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Living in the Flow

In this keynote, Oren makes a bold statement… one’s entire life can be spent in the flow. Most people feel lucky if they find themselves in the flow a small percentage of the time, let alone their entire lives.

To take this idea one step further, Oren makes another bold statement by saying that one can learn to enter and exit the flow at will. With this ability, if one were to ever find himself or herself out of the flow, he or she could easily reenter the flow whenever necessary and tap into an infinite well of creativity, magic, effortlessness, and abundance.

Blow your audience away with this incredibly compelling keynote, and listen in as Oren guides them on a journey into the flow, communicating from the space of pure presence, Love, and power characteristic of this magical state of Being.

Boundless Business:

Is it possible for an entire business to be in the flow?
Yes, it is. And in this keynote, Oren will let your audience of influential business owners in on the dynamics of a “Boundless Business”… a business that operates in the flow.
Highlighting powerful, cutting-edge concepts such as “Flow Leadership”, “Intuition mastery”, and “Vibrational Marketing”, the members of your audience will see business in a completely new light, and take away many powerful nuggets that will transform the way they run their businesses overnight.

The Evolution of Consciousness: Rise of the Superhuman

In this keynote, Oren makes a profound statement: The next stage in the evolution of consciousness is upon us, and a new breed of “human” is ushering its way into the world.
One that has a more fluid state of consciousness, superhuman-like abilities, and a core-level blueprint that has them programmed and destined to shift the planet.
Why are more and more of these unique “humans” being born into the world now at an increasingly rapid rate?

Only time will tell.

Most people haven’t even considered the idea of a next step in the evolution of humanity. Perhaps due to hubris, perhaps due to something else. Regardless, the evolution process is in full swing, and in this provocative keynote, Oren brings it fully into the light for the world to see.

Heart Warrior: Mastering the Game of Love

What does it really mean to Love?

In this paradigm-shifting keynote, Oren answers this question in a way that will permanently alter the way you and your audience relate to the concept of Love.

The powerful information Oren conveys in this keynote is simple, but not easily applied. It requires a tremendous amount of courage to truly Love ourselves for everything that we are, and because of this, Oren calls this “The Path of the Heart Warrior”.

With this fresh perspective on Love, you will possess the necessary know-how to make lasting, authentic changes in your life, and even more importantly, to finally be able to show up as who you really are in each moment of your life.

The know-how alone is not enough, however.

Will you choose the path of the Heart Warrior?

“Oren recently spoke at my event The Entrepreneur Edge LIVE, on the topic of Flow, he is an absolute professional, and the embodiment of Flow. His talk captivated my audience and helped awaken them to a new realm of reality and possibility. He was one of our most talked about speakers and we’d love to have him back”.

Joanna Turner, Founder of The Flow Alchemist