‘The Shadow’ by Oren Harris

Stop…… Stop… Look at me! Do you see me? Do you see me?
Look again my friend and I will bring to an end – all of your illusions, your distorted confusion, about what is real… I know you hear me, but do you feel… the real me – beyond what you see… the essence of which was never born and will not die – you might catch a glimpse if you try –

A view into the immortal nature of all mankind, beyond the physical is where you’ll find… the real you and the real me… but these eyes weren’t made to see, and can’t set you free – unless you look beyond your perception, which is your reality, and causes fatality and misdirection.

You see – your perception, is merely a selection of what you choose to see… but if you choose this _____ you’ll never be free… Cut off.. Blinded by the light- can’t see the beauty – frightened by the night.

Rejecting your so called negative side, a life of quiet desperation – we try to hide.. behind our mask – but when others ask.. How ya doin?- Good! And you… how ya doin? Good! And you – good and you, good and you, good and you.. .till your face turns blue.

Do you see me? Or just a mere reflection- a selected perception.

Are you judging me? – Cause I’m judging you – most of the time we don’t see what’s true. It’s okay to judge – that’s what we do.

Do you love me, hate me, want to berate me?

Labels, labels constantly churning in our mind. The judge keeps on yearning, just trying to find.. the right label

He’s dark, he’s light..he sounds like he’s white, he looks really nice… maybe he’s alright.
He’s arrogant, he’s ugly, his smile is divine.. have you seen his ass… damn he’s fine

There is one thing my friend, I want you to realize – we ALL have ALL traits, just some are disguised.
You can only see in me what you see in yourself –
I’m that old dusty mirror that sits on your shelf.

It’s not me you see it’s you – your senses are ignorant and choose to see two. Instead of just one, in the actual game – where The seer the seeing and the seen are the same.

A wise friend once said “If you spot it, you got it.
In other words – If you can see it in another, call that other your brother, or maybe your mother… cause you’re closely related – your loved and your hated, by the one and the many.

I don’t have all the answers.
I’m just sayin – what if we’re makin it all up?
I mean – I’m not calling ya’ll liars
Or preachers, or squires. I’m just sayin… what if it
Weren’t true. What if what you thought was green was really blue? What if what you thought was ME was really YOU!?

I’m not a preacher, but I might quote a verse, but don’t disown me if in the next breath I curse.

I am a messenger, here to tell you… to share with you, not to sell you. On the power of love – not from up above-
But from deep within.. where there is no such thing as sin

but, just different lessons… from different Teachers, from many places –
With different backgrounds, from different races… Saying…


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